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Feline Election Fever


ith election season upon us, here at CatDogFish, we feel that too little attention has been given to how the nation’s vote will impact our feline friend at No. 10 – Larry the white-tabby cross.

Having held a clear majority for five years, Larry’s manifesto of “I’ll keep Downing Street clear of mice” makes us wonder how he’ll take to a possible interloper from the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn has already stated that his own cat, El Gato, is likely to move into No. 10 if he is elected. When asked in a recent Sunday Times interview “Would El Gato come to Downing Street?” Corbyn answered “Well, El Gato is a cat of individualism. He’s more individualistic than me. But he’s a lovely cat. I think he’ll come.”

Images courtesy of https://www.gov.uk/ and @ElGato_Corbyn Twitter

How will Larry react to potential newcomer El Gato?

If Corbyn gets elected, some key questions we’re pondering here at CatDogFish are “How will Larry take to power sharing?” and “Will El Gato come in with his own political agenda?”

All kidding aside, there are some very real issues to consider when moving your furry friend from one place to another, and even bigger things to think about when introducing a new cat to an existing one. Here are a few of our recommendations:

Make sure your cat feels safe on the day of the move by keeping them inside and in one room before you are heading off, so they are not confused by the upheaval in the rest of the house

Ensure you transport your cat in a safe container and keep them calm. Remember that they may initially react differently to you, not knowing where they are, so give them plenty of space

When you get to your new house, keep your cat inside for about a month to allow them to settle in. When eventually letting them out, do it on a day you’re able to supervise them

Introduce the cat to their new surroundings slowly, using one room at a time to help them feel at home

When introducing cats, keep them apart at first and then gradually introduce them to each other by allowing them into a neutral space so they slowly become accustomed to one another. If there are any signs of aggression, remove them again and try again later. The key is to be patient. Even when you have introduced the cats, maintain separate feeding and toilet areas to ensure they both stay comfortable and don’t feel their territory has been crossed.

Larry outside Number 10 (Image courtesy of ITV.com)

Larry clearly takes his ‘meet and greet’ responsibilities very seriously.

When it comes to Larry and El Gato, some of our concerns may prove unfounded and the two cats may have more in common than at first glance. In fact, Corbyn has previously stated that El Gato may be “a bit of a Tory” illustrated by his “individualism and lack of concern for others”. El Gato may have met his match with Larry who, as a rescued cat from Battersea Cats & Dogs Home, has already displayed a distinct ability to defend his patch against potential predators. Whilst cats are no strangers to No. 10, the outcome of this Thursday’s election could be momentous for being the first time that two cats have resided in the Prime Minister’s residence marking a new era of cat coalition.  

If you have a moment to 'paws', let us know if you have faced a similar power sharing struggle in your household and what advice you’d give to Jeremy Corbyn?