Our creed

CatDogFish is the new source of pet wellbeing and healthcare advice for a new breed of owner.  

Are you one of the new breed?

You are if you:

  • Love your animal as much as your children.  Way more.  No contest.  
  • Love your pet more than your partner.  Ditto.
  • Have your pet’s picture as your mobile phone wallpaper.  And desktop screensaver.  And in your wallet to boot.
  • Facetime with your pet when you are away.
  • Let your dog walk you.
  • Plan your pet’s dinner before your own.
  • Create your pet’s own Facebook profile. And post on it more frequently than your own.
  • Wouldn’t dream of kicking your pet off your bed.
  • Have passports for your pets.
  • Enroll them in pet daycare.  And brag to your friends about which one.
  • Let them choose which seat to occupy in the car first.
  • Have more meaningful conversations with them than anyone else you know.
  • Take a ridiculous amount of pictures of them. Every. Single. Day.
  • Look the other way when they bring something dead – or dying – through the door.  It’s a gift, after all.
  • Make an extra portion of tuna fish just for them.
  • Spend more on their neckwear than on your own.
  • Plan a trip entirely around their schedule.
  • Can’t imagine life without them.


What we believe:

  • Pets deserve to be looked after physically and emotionally.  Owning a pet is a big responsibility that deserves to be taken seriously, and it starts with keeping your pet healthy.
  • Responsible pet parents ensure that they can provide a suitable home, diet, companionship, protection and the opportunity for their pet to live a normal, healthy life.
  • There is always more to learn about pets and our relationship with them. The journey never ends.
  • There are amazing pet charities doing wonderful work and we pledge a percentage of our profits to them each year.
  • Life is short, so make time to laugh.  Where there is a chance to see the humour in something, we’ll take it.
  • Real service makes a real difference, and we walk the walk.
  • We will never stop innovating to help protect pets and build the bond between them and us.
  • In supporting amazing people who do amazing things to make animals’ lives better. From animal rehoming charities, to pet therapy to Guide Dogs and on… we salute them all!
  • Breeding animals to promote better health is critical to their happiness and well being.
  • We align with welfare organisations that invest in changing the behaviour from the start – that espouse and promote responsible pet ownership so no animal is ever abandoned or abused to begin with.

What we don’t believe:

  • That it’s ever ok to abuse or neglect an animal.
  • That they exist solely for our entertainment, and not the other way around.
  • That they should ever suffer in any way, particularly when we have the power to change it.
  • Keeping animals as pets for whom you can’t provide a suitable environment, diet, companionship, protection and opportunity to live their normal life.
  • Suffering of any kind – whether by shortchanging treatment or neglecting vaccinations, or withholding love and attention – is evil.
  • That they understand us, or our behaviour, all of the time.
  • That it’s ever ok to breed an animal to have characteristics to ‘look good’, at the expense of its health.