Expertly curated pet training and wellbeing videos


Who doesn’t love a pet video?  We’ve collaborated with our team of  Experts, ranging from vets to cat and dog behaviourists, to answer some of your basic questions and concerns.  Watch, learn and share…then let us know what else you’d like to see.  We’re all ears!

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Litter tray hacks for a happy cat

How clean is your cat’s litter tray? Celia Haddon, our expert cat behaviourist, shares her top tips on all things litter-related.  Your cats deserve nothing less than a four-star bathroom experience.


What does dog food taste like? - Emily's Dog Food Taste Test

Watch Emily taste a range of dog foods, so you don’t have to.

We always want the best for our cats and dogs, so we taste tested dog food.

Aging gracefully: The feline way

Help your cat age gracefully with five simple recommendations by our expert cat behaviourist Celia Haddon.

Teach your dog to say hello nicely

Manners maketh the dog (isn’t that what they say?). If your dog is aggressive when she meets other dogs, teach her how to adopt a friendlier manner with top tips from our expert dog behaviourist Mark Bridger.

Making recall fun

Our expert dog behaviourist Mark Bridger describes how to make recall fun for you and your dog.

Throw away the food bowl

Meal times needn’t be boring for your indoor cats. Celia Haddon shows how to create some excitement for your cats by encouraging them to hunt, patrol and climb for their food.

Vet Chat: Taking your dog for their annual health check

Is your dog coming up for her annual health check? Our veterinarian Liz Barton demonstrates what a vet looks for when they give your dog a full MOT.


STOP!!! How to teach your dog an emergency stop

Teach your dog how to stop and avoid a potentially dangerous situation with our expert dog behaviourist Mark Bridger.


Make play time fun for your indoor cat

Celia Haddon describes how you can create an exciting environment in your home to substitute for your cat going out hunting and patrolling.

Vet Chat: Home health checks

Is your dog showing signs of distress or illness?  Do these things first! Our veterinarian Liz Barton shows you how to examine your dog in preparation for your call with the vet.

Teach your dog to react calmly

Your dog may just want to be friendly, but if he overreacts when seeing another dog, his greeting could be mistaken for aggression. Dog behaviourist Mark Bridger gives some great advice on how to teach your dog to calm down (some advice we could all use, no doubt).

Why do cats meow?

Ever wondered why cats meow? Cat behaviourist Celia Haddon explains that it’s their way of impressing us!  And here we thought they were just begging for food….

Vet Chat: Pet abdominal ultrasound scan

If the vet thinks your animal is suffering from some form of abdominal problem, they may want to carry out a scan. Are you (like us) not sure what that might mean?  Veterinarian Liz Barton explains in plain English what the vet will be looking for, and why.

Stranger danger - How to reduce your dog's anxiety

Dogs can suffer from social anxiety just like humans.  If your dog shows signs of stress when meeting new people, you can teach them to react to strangers in a more positive way.  Dog behaviourist Mark Bridger shows us how.

Barking Success - Inspiring day care for dogs

Join us as we take a look around Barking Success – a professional dog day care and training centre in West Sussex – where dogs get to socialise, exercise and have fun within a safe, loving environment.

Wood Green, The Animals Charity

Wood Green is one of the oldest established animal rescue charities in the UK. With our passion for animal welfare, we were fascinated to learn more about their dedicated cat and dog rehoming and play areas at their largest site in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire. Read about their rehoming programme and how they support pet parents build a successful relationship with their pets in our exclusive interview with the centre.