18 /03/19

Help! Our Bengal cat is weeing everywhere!


One of our CatDogFish pet parents writes in with a question (which we’ve edited):

My cat Bella, a 3 year old Bengal, is weeing everywhere! Please help, I’m at the end of my wits.  We adopted her a year ago, she is indoor only, and problems started shortly after her arrival, then disappeared for a while. We have tried Feliway (still on it), Cystophan capsules (still on it), we clean and clean to get rid of the smell… she gets lots of attention, I play with her as soon as I am back home. we don’t have children, we don’t have any other pets. She has the whole house to roam around, two litter trays, plenty of toys. what do we do wrong?  She pees when we are at home, just next to us literally. now she is going on the sofa as well as in her litter tray. I really don’t know what to do. – KB

K, we understand how frustrating this is.  It’s one of the many, many times we wish our pets could talk and just tell us what is going on so we can help.  Have you seen our cat expert Celia Haddon’s excellent video on litter tray hacks?  We suggest you start there. The key takeaways are:

  1. Bigger is better.  Start with the biggest litter tray you can find.
  2. Do a mean clean. Clean at least 1 time a day. We know that Bengals in particular are very picky about a clean litter box.
  3. Go deep, at least 2.5″ to give Bella enough litter to work with.
  4. Find a secluded spot for the trays. You mentioned you have two litters; do they both offer privacy?  Again, we know as a breed that Bengals value privacy very highly.
  5. Don’t share – use one litter tray per cat.  As you have no other pets,  Bella is already getting the trays to herself.

Celia has some more in-depth help on this here, too.   This isn’t an uncommon problem, and the good news is there are some tried and tested ways to fix.  Of course, we always suggest you talk to your vet as they will be able to offer Bella specific care. Please let us know how Bella gets on.