05 /05/16

Six things all good dog owners do regularly


Consider these the six pillars of a healthy dog and owner relationship

Walk your dog every single day

Not surprisingly, dogs require daily exercise to be healthy and happy, and walking your dog every day is the best way to help your dog get the exercise she needs (and it’s not too bad for us owners, either). Different breeds need varying levels of exercise, from a quick walk around the neighbourhood, while others need at least an hour of walking every day.

Take a look at your dog’s breed characteristics – the Kennel Club UK’s Breed Information Centre is an excellent resource – to determine how much and how often you should be walking them.

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Play with your dog

Many dogs – particularly city dogs – aren’t able to get exercise the way they were meant to (you don’t find urban pets hunting, digging or herding), it’s important to play with them every day to keep them entertained and to help them burn off excess energy. Take your dog outside every day for a game of fetch or play tug of war with a rope toy. Just like humans, dogs need something to stimulate their bodies and minds to prevent boredom.

Get outside

Everyone loves some fresh air, including your dog. In addition to daily walks and playtime, your dog will benefit by having the freedom to go outside a few times every day. An enclosed garden is ideal so that your dog can run and explore her domain. In summer when the temperature gets up, make sure there are plenty of shady areas where your dog can take a break from the sun, have a rest and drink plenty of fresh, clean water.

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Get the toys in

Go overboard with the toys – don’t worry, you won’t spoil your doggy! The best toys are chewy, squeaky, easy to throw and catch, like Frisbees and tennis balls. Oh, and don’t forget the rope pull. Find out what your dog likes best and make sure he has his favourites to play with, as well as a safe place where he can stash them.

Get a good bed

Win a place in your dog’s heart forever by investing in a nice soft bed, lined with a blanket. Dogs should never have to sleep on a bare floor or outside in the cold (admittedly, this is a CatDogFish bias but hey, this is our soapbox). Wash the blanket regularly to keep it clean and dry, and keep your dog’s bed in a warm part of the house that is free from drafts. For a good night’s rest dogs need exactly what humans do – peace, quiet, warmth and comfort.

Show the love

Dogs provide their humans with love, affection, and companionship, so why not return the favour? If you really want to be a good dog owner, make sure that you shower your dog with lots of love and affection. Pet them, praise them, and do nice things for them so that they know that you care.

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