20 /06/17

Life hacks for introducing your dog to the workplace


nnouncing your dog’s arrival to the office by tossing a frisbee and having your pup leap across four cubicles to catch it sounds like the most fun option, but it also might be the most-likely-to-get-fired option too. So, if you would like to both bring your dog to work and keep your job, here are some CatDogFish life hacks for bringing your dog to the office and training them to be a good co-worker.

Approaching Your Boss

Like any good life hack you need to lay the groundwork. Send your boss a bottle of semi-expensive wine prior to asking. This will guarantee that you start off on their good side. At the very least, they’ll be a little tipsy when you ask. And if they say no, at least the wine wasn’t too expensive.

Email them your proposal. Asking via email means that your boss will have time to calm down before replying to your request. Ideally they need to calm down from the excitement of having a dog in the office.  

Asking Your Co-workers

Hand out treats while you break the news. If anyone objects, offer them a “no worries, I understand” dog treat disguised as a human treat.

Address the benefits of having dogs in the workplace. Dogs can relieve stress in a tense work environment with just one look. They are also a great conversation starter in any awkward situation.

"How is it only 10:30?"

Getting To The Office

Walk to work. Walking to work is a great way to get in some daily exercise for you and your pup. It is also a chance for your pup to use the toilet somewhere other than the space under your desk.

Pup-lic transport. If walking to work isn’t feasible, make taking the train a less stressful experience by using a pet carrier. This is also your opportunity to become the most well-liked person on the tube, as nothing brightens someone’s morning quite like seeing a dog. Best thing to do is plan your journey well; leaving earlier or later to avoid the ‘crush’ hours, check transport provider rules, buy a doggy-sized sidecar and off you go!

Pet-Proofing The Office

Cover all cables, especially the wifi cord. Chewing wires and cables is extremely dangerous for your dog, and potentially very dangerous for you, as you will be on the receiving end of the fiery wrath of your co-workers if the wifi goes out.  

"I swear we've been waiting for the bus for at least seven years, and I'm talking dog years."

How to Prepare For The First Day

Take a trip to the groomer. Get your pup first-day ready with a clean cut and fresh breath. Nothing makes a good first impression quite like minty-fresh breath.

Prepare your dog’s briefcase. Make sure you come prepared for the first day with all the things your pup needs to feel comfortable. From treats to their ‘professional’ basket, make sure your dog is able to stay relaxed and stimulated. Pro tip: leave the squeaky toys at home. Your co-workers will thank you.

How to Keep Your Co-Workers Happy

Keep your dog from affecting productivity. Stay consistent with your dog’s work schedule so their appearance in the office is more routine than event.

Make the guidelines clear from the start. Don’t make your coworkers feel like they need to walk on eggshells around you or your pup. Let them know that they can come to you with any comments, questions or concerns they may have.

"Why do people complain about work so much? Seems pretty great to me."

Damage Control

No matter how well-trained your dog is, accidents happen. When they do, take responsibility for them and do your best to fix it. Best case scenario: Make sure you’re the first person who sees the damage, fix the issue before anyone notices, pretend it never happened.

So your pup used the new clients handbag as a toilet? All you can do is pray that it won’t cost your next paycheck to replace it.

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