28 /06/16

Ten dog instagrams you should be following

here is no denying we look to the royalty of Instagram to tell us how to be trendy. But another growing set of influencers on this social media channel are dogs. While our own dogs can influence our decisions, we live in a time when a stranger's dog’s Instagram account can convince us to buy just about anything.

CatDogFish follows upwards of 100 dog accounts, so it wasn’t particularly easy to narrow down a list of dog Instagrams to follow because, frankly, you should never put a limit on the number of dogs you follow—online or in real life.

Yet for the sake of this article we’ve curated a list of our top ten — in no specific order of course.

Marnie is a big city Shih Tzu with an attitude to match. Fourteen years young, Marnie lives by the motto ‘sun’s out, tongues out’, and spends her days getting bombarded in the streets by doting fans.  

Via @marniethedog on Instagram

Astrid — pronounced like bacon — is both a Brussels Griffon and a self-proclaimed vegetarian, but not in a braggy way. Astrid is the kind of cute that people try and tell you is ugly, but those people are liars.

Via @petitbacon on Instagram

It is quite possible that Crusoe is the most famous weiner on planet Earth (aside from Michelangelo’s David) and at the very least, the most quotable. Other fun facts: Crusoe is a published author and celebrity impersonator.

Via @crusoe_dachshund on Instagram

Sir Charles Barkley is a French bulldog who currently resides Stateside until the next French revolution when he will take his rightful place as king. His biggest thrill in life is sitting down.

Via @barkleysircharles on Instagram

Asia is Lady Gaga’s beloved French bulldog. Her CV boasts a long list of magazine covers, and did we mention she’s also an international style icon? Her emoji of choice is the pig.

Via @missasiakinney on Instagram

Pearl is golden, in terms of both breed and personality. She’s that friend who takes flawless candid photos without having to try. And she always seems to be going to glamorous events, but you know she would rather hang out in a field of flowers.

Via @pearlrosewoodlondon on Instagram

Menswear Dog is the kind of Shiba Inu that you would bring home to meet mum. He’s the type of guy who gets sick of songs before you’ve even heard them, but you can’t hate him because he’s so stylish.

Via @mensweardog on Instagram

@mrfoxshots (19.7k followers)

Mr Fox is an incredibly photogenic Collie from Down Under. His Instagram could easily be a set of preset screensavers that come with a new MacBook Pro, and he has a sense of humour that is second to none. Talk about Instagram goals.

Via @mrfoxshots on Instagram

Suki is a London-based pug who’s love of reality television and posh sneakers puts the rest of us to shame. Not only does she have the perfect face shape for any pair of sunglasses, but she can eat as many crisps as she wants and never gain weight. Ugh.

Via @sukiandthecity on Instagram

Neville is Marc Jacob’s black and white Bull Terrier. He struts the streets of New York with a glamorous posse of animals and humans. Unsurprisingly, Neville’s sense of style is spot on.

Via @nevillejacobs on Instagram

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