17 /06/17

Tracking your pet


ver wonder what your pets get up to while you're away? We like to think that without us they’re as helpless as kittens in a tree. Let's face it though, most pets have a tendency to follow their nose and wander off, at least until their stomachs remind them of what they’re missing. Advances in technology mean it's now easy to find out what adventures your furry friend gets up to behind your back.

Here at CatDogFish we want to help you take the best care of your companion. We've cut through the clutter and rounded up a list of gadgets and gizmos to help you keep an eye (or a cursor) on your pet, whether you’re on holiday or they’re simply out of sight and (maybe) up to no good.

The Daddy of all Collars

Starting at the top of the range is the soon to be released KYON, a collar for dogs. This incredible piece of kit is far more than a tracker: besides finding your pet with GPS and mobile technology, it promises to let you know when your dog is too hot or cold, help you train her not to bark, and even tell you your dog’s mood. On top of all that, you can flash a little message on the collar for anyone else who might find it. Of course, all these functions in such a small package won’t come cheap, and whether it all works as advertised remains to be seen.

Just don't let your cat get its paws on the remote. Photo credit: Kyon.

It’s not just dogs who get the high-tech treatment, of course. The PetPace collar is so much more than just another wearable tracker: this one promises to monitor a range of health indicators, from heart rate to how many calories they burn – great if kitty needs to lose weight. It uploads the information to what the company calls a “cloud-based analytics engine”, which I’m sure will impress your cat, and might also be useful for your vet.

I, Rover

Next up is the Pod 2, a lightweight tracker suitable for smaller dogs and most cats. While it lacks all the monitoring functions of larger trackers, it’s a lot more discreet and easier for smaller animals to carry. As well as tracking your pet’s location and activity, it can record your pet’s adventures while you’re out, letting you find out just where your cat’s secret bunker is, or where your dog has hidden your best shoes.

Now you can find out where your socks disappear to. Photo credit: G-Paws.

Finally there’s the G-Paws ultra-lightweight tracking recorder. Rather than provide you with a real-time location of your pet, you leave this one on while you’re away or overnight, and it stores all the places your pet heads off to when you’re not there. Then, when they come home, you can see exactly where and when they’ve been going behind your back. Lightweight and suitable for pretty much any dog or cat, it also has no subscription fees and is simple to operate.

While nothing will ever be as reassuring as having your best friend there in front of you after they’ve been off adventuring, devices like these can help you stay involved in their lives when you’re away. Whether it’s an extended trip away, or just a long day at work, knowing for certain that Dog is on that sofa she’s not allowed on, or Cat is getting fed by all the neighbours, or even just waiting at the door for you to come home can bring a smile to your face no matter where you are.