09 /07/17

From budget to bling: where your pet stays while you're away


o you’re going on holiday, but you have to leave your beloved pet behind. Whatever the situation, being the amazing pet-parent that you are, you obviously want to find the best accommodation for your pet that’s in your budget.

With that in mind, we at CatDogFish have come up with a list of the best pet accommodations England has to offer; from the price-friendly to the perfectly posh.

Your Most Trusted Friend

Prices can range widely, but a nice bottle of wine and begging desperately should typically do the trick. Pros: Keeping your pet with a trusted family member or friend is both cost-effective and comfortable, especially if your pet is familiar with them. This also means that your pet might not have to leave the comfort of their own home. Cons: Chances are your best mate isn’t dog or cat trained and it’s possible that they might have responsibilities other than giving your pet their undivided attention.   

"Try not to forget my souvenirs this time."

Pet Sharing Services

Believe it or not, the internet has more to offer besides cat videos on YouTube (although we do love a good cat video). Pet sharing websites like BorrowMyDoggy or Cat In A Flat connect pet owners and pet borrowers with each other. Rates for Cat In A Flat can be anywhere from £5 to £50 a day depending on how amazing a specific cat-sitter thinks he or she is. BorrowMyDoggy is based on a membership service where pet-owners pay £44.99 a year and pet-borrowers pay £9.99 a year. Pros: Your pet will receive some one-on-one attention with someone who genuinely wants to hang out with them. Pet borrower services also screen all of the borrowers beforehand, so you know your pet is in good hands. Cons: Pet-borrowers often have the upper-hand when it comes to deciding which pets they want to borrow and the dates they are available.

Kennel & Cattery

While many pet-owners shudder at the mere mention of a kennel, there are a lot of budget-friendly (and clean) options when it comes to kennels and catteries. Green Lane Farm is both a kennel and cattery, and offers options to upgrade and add on services like walks. Rates start at £14.50 a day for dogs, depending on size, and £11 a day for cats. Pros: Your options are wide open when it comes to availability, location and amenities. Your pet might also make some new pals. Cons: The cost of add-ons can add up quickly, especially if your Shih Tzu has a fetish for shiatsu massages.

Luxury Pet Hotels:

If your pet is accustomed to a lavish lifestyle, luxury pet hotels like Elmtree have all of the amenities your dog or cat could ever want. Dog prices at Elmtree start around £30 per day. Cat prices start at £18 a day and can upgrade to a lake view for £30. Pros: From an indoor gym to manicure services with a lake view, the amenities are almost endless when it comes to luxury pet hotels. Cons: Your pet will likely have a better holiday than you will, and probably won’t stop bragging about it.



If the thought of leaving your pet is just too much to bear, you could always do the alternative which is to leave your better half at home and take your pet on honeymoon.

Have another suggestion for any of the above? Send us your own pet holiday solutions to: hally@catdogfish.com.