27 /06/16

Your biggest fan: the Maltese


e can’t talk about the Maltese breed without talking about Lauralei. Haven’t heard of her? She’s one of Serena Williams’s pups, and we’re really looking forward to seeing her on the sidelines of Wimbledon this year. Accustomed to the celebrity lifestyle, these dogs are also playful, affectionate, and friendly, which means they’re probably on the top of your pet wish-list.

Cuddly companions (most of the time)

There is no questioning it; Maltese dogs make excellent companions. They love their owners, other people, and animals. As easygoing as they are, they don’t always love children, specifically kids who like to play rough. They are fragile pups and can get defensive or nip your young ones. You’ll see this especially if your Maltese is raised in a way that leads it to believe it’s the alpha in the house. Tip: make sure your pup knows who’s boss (that’s you).

"Life is really tough today, could you please feed me while you rub my belly?"

Additionally, Maltese dogs often suffer from separation anxiety. This can be due to a lot of factors, but the way you treat your dog plays a large role. To avoid your dog becoming insecure, don’t spoil and pamper her. We know, you want to be a cool mum, but training your Maltese to respect you is just as important as it is with any other breed.

Location, location, location

For Londoners and other city dwellers, we bring good news. An urban environment is more than suitable for a Maltese pooch. While these dogs thrive indoors, they also need to get outside daily and exercise for about 30 minutes. When you’re inside but not snuggling, it’s also good to exercise your Maltese’s mind. Who doesn’t enjoy a good game of hide-and-seek?

"For the love of god Bella, please stop sticking your tongue out in pictures. We're too pretty."

Managing the mane

Managing those glorious white manes of hair (dog show style) takes time and dedication. Dirt shows up on their coats just as distinctly as it does on your tennis whites. The short cut, as seen on Lauralei, is much easier to maintain, and keeps your Maltese looking like a puppy forever. 

Even if you don’t have 21 Grand Slam titles to your name, the Maltese will always be your biggest fan.



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