20 /07/17

Things you miss most about your pet while on holiday


t's the summer holidays and unreasonable circumstances have forced you to leave your pet behind: Aunt Carol will not stand for one cat hair on her couch; cousin Billy is “allergic to dogs”; the resort you’re staying in has a strict rule against personal fish tanks.

Whatever your situation, we understand how unbelievably hard it is to leave your pet behind when you’re off travelling. That’s why with the help of the awesome CatDogFish community we’ve created a list of the weird and wonderful behaviours we miss most about a favourite companion, along with some solutions to help you miss them a little less.

You Miss Your Cuddle Buddy

Who is going to curl up next to you on the couch for 10 episodes in a row of Orange Is The New Black and not judge you for it?

Solution: Your significant other’s head in your lap isn’t the same as your furry friend’s, but it will have to suffice. Our next best suggestion is either a body pillow or a stuffed animal replica of your pooch. For the latter, go here: http://customstuffedpets.com/

My fetch game is so strong today

You Miss Playing Fetch

You never thought this would be something that you miss, mindlessly throwing a stick over and over and over again. But now that you’re away, you can’t help but miss how excited they get over the game.

Solution: Play fetch with your 4 year old niece. The little one will have tons of energy for this and her parents will thank you for making sure she sleeps soundly at night. We talk to dogs and babies with the same tone of voice anyway, right?

I miss the way he sneaks up onto the couch and ends up taking over my spot.

Isaac, Birmingham

You Miss Their Voices (+ other sounds)

The purring, the barking, even the whining and crying. The sound of their paws following you through the kitchen was so comforting. Everything about your holiday seems much quieter.


Solution: Record your pet before you leave. Listen to them every night before you to go to bed. It’s like falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean, but better.

Do I know you, lady?

You Miss Their Stinkin’ Faces

Your pet is cuter than all of the other pets in the world. Scrolling through your pet’s Instagram just isn’t the same as being with them.


Solution: Make friends with your pet-sitter and set up a date to Facetime your pet. They may or may not recognise you (because science), but at least you can see how well they’re doing without you.
If Facetime just won’t cut it, check out this

If Facetime just won’t cut it, check out this article about those tech gadgets and gizmos to help you keep and feel connected to your pet when away from them.

I miss the way she head-butts me when I sleep in 10 minutes past her breakfast time.

Chloe, Durham

You Miss Your Pet Finishing Your Food

It’s a hands-off food policy with humans. Only your pet can get the last lick of your bowl; they wait much more patiently than people do.

Solution: When you don’t have your pet to do this for you, you’re going to have to suck it up and take in the extra calories yourself. You really can’t be too sad about this one.

I miss coming home to him dying to take my car keys out of my hand to carry them inside for me, for a treat of course.

Liam, Norwich

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